DogSpa - the dog shower Harmonious coexistence of man and dog

Give your dog and yourself a treat with the DogSpa dog shower – no longer a tedious duty, but lots of fun and a great feel-good factor.


is guaranteed by the weather-proof and resilient surface which is scratch-resistant and made of high-quality glass fibre reinforced plastic. Easy to clean and still top even after many uses.

Well-thought-out from A to Z

Cleaning utensils can be placed comfortably on the left-hand side. The embedded lever mixer for water pressure and temperature regulation is effortlessly accessible and easy to use. The flexible shower with flow regulation is hidden in a recess at the centre of the back. As an alternative, swivelling stainless steel gallows can be mounted for even easier guidance of the shower hose when taking care of larger dogs.


for your beloved four-legged friend is provided by the hinged doors with lockable fixtures that can be opened outwards as well as the tile-look antislip tub material. The spacious shape in the lower area allows for comfortable treading.


For your individual unit, select the RAL colour that fits to your interior design. The aesthetic optics do also not suffer when placing it freely in the bathroom, the garage or the garden – the rear side is clad.

Easy to handle

The dog shower with the dimensions 120 x 114 x 78 cm (width x height x depth) has numerous practical detail solutions.
The total weight of 75 kg allows for uncomplicated transportation into the building and alternating indoor and outdoor utilisation. Potable water connections and sewer pipes are mounted ready for installation.

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